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Tournaments for the Average player to grow!


New Member
Hello, I'm blazinbigspeech i'm a streamer trying to get a foot in the door just like millions of others, But that's not why i'm here. I'm here today because i would like to let everyone know me, and my team have created a concept that i think gamer's will really love. So question have you ever wanted to compete in a tournament for money and prizes? Have you noticed once your a really good player that comp doesnt quite do it for you anymore? Well I did this for abuot a year, and no matter how high up GameBattles ladder I climbed I had no success in getting noticed to pro league.
Thats WHY im here today! Me, and my team are starting a website that will be hosting Monthly Tournaments some will have Monetary prizes some may just have recognition on the site. What we really want to accomplish from this is a bridge from amatuer to semipro, and so on. We want to help amatuers who know with a little help or the right team they can hit that next level!
Now to Tournament Details:D
March 24th
Rainbow Six Siege

Free Entry with a 50$ prize going to each Teammate for a total of 10$ to each person.
Sign ups are through my PSN or any social media to secure your spot there will be anywhere from 16-32 teams competing Good Luck and hope to see you in more of our tournaments to come aka OverWatch, and RocketLeague

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