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Top 5 PC Games


New Member
I can not really put them in order because I really love them all but here is a list of my favorites.

Binding of Isaac, Knights of the Old Republic, Garry's Mod, Showdown Effect, and The Sims 3.

Probably the games I play the most at the moment because they are all pretty varied and a good barrel of fun.


New Member
Cant claim to be a big pc gamer,, got an alienware laptop and you be lucky to see more than footie manager getting played on it. Was meant to be my alternative platform while I was in RAF in case I got sent on detachment,,, got it when I got back from the falkalnds and was made redundant soon after lol. Have played a few but not many that I have actually completed.

Games I liked enough to complete

Footie Manager series
Total War series
Crysis series
Bio Shock
**playing Medal of Honor warfighter** ,, been on it for months tho lol

Games that just faded away

Operation Red river
Company of Hero's
Star point Gemini

Probably a few others I just cant remember :)


New Member
Counter Strike should definitely be in the top 5 list. It's the most competitive first person shooter, if not the most competitive pro-gaming game ever.


New Member
I'm new-ish to PC gaming and don't have a great PC so my favourite games aren't especially "new" or high level games. Half life and Half life 2 were great for me, I love Team Fortress 2 and my latest favourite is Fez, a very original game. I've also put quite a lot of time into the Binding of Isaac and Super Meat Boy.


New Member
In my opinion, the top 5 PC games are:
1. League of Legends.
2. Minecraft.
3. Skyrim
4. DOTA 2
5. Battlefield 4

And yes, I am a hardcore PC gamer.


New Member
In my opinion, the top 5 PC games are:
1. League of Legends.
2. Minecraft.
3. Skyrim
4. DOTA 2
5. Battlefield 4

And yes, I am a hardcore PC gamer.

Great list, I especially agree with Battlefield 4 and Skyrim. Those are two of my all time favorites.
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