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Titan got a kitten!


Sniper Kitten
Staff member
Well, got her like 6-7 weeks ago, lol. But here's some pics of my kitten. A lot of these are about a month old. Finally got them off my camera/phone and edited them last weekend :)

Her name is Maya (named after the Siren from Borderlands 2). She's about 4 months old now and is super sweet. Energetic too, which is what to expect from a kitten. So she always wants to play which is fine by me. Also, she's awesome in her downtime. She has no problem just sitting with me on the couch for the night while I play video games or watch Netflix or Amazon. Maya is also super affectionate. She greets me whenever I come home with a flurry of meows and loves licking my nose. She's like a dog, lol.

Also, editing these photos took me 4x as long as usual because of her jumping up and sitting in front of the monitor lol. She's also gotten fluffier. I'm pretty sure she's a mix. The shelter I got her from said she was a domestic shorthair. With that tail, her curiosity with water and the tufts of hair on her paw pads, I think she has some Maine Coon in her. Her hair has also grown out more in the month since a lot of these pics were taken. The picture in front of my computer monitor I took today.

These 3 were about a week after I got her

This is us together right before I went on vacation a couple weeks ago

This I shot today right before I posted this.


Cheers Titan! :Onya

I don't have animals in my home and never will, but your cat looks really cute.
She will begin to destroy your sofas, curtains, pillows and everything is made of tissue soon (if she hasn't done it already) :grin

Ehm... 0:


Sniper Kitten
Staff member
Cheers Titan! :Onya

I don't have animals in my home and never will, but your cat looks really cute.
She will begin to destroy your sofas, curtains, pillows and everything is made of tissue soon (if she hasn't done it already) :grin

Ehm... 0:
Thanks! Believe it or not she is very well behaved. She only claws her scratching post :D She has her crazy moments but to be expected from a kitten but is a very sweet cat. She ran up and licked my nose as posting this lol. I picked a good one. As crazy and rambunctious as she can be, she doesn't mess with my stuff either. I can leave stuff on a table and expect it to stay there. She'll only touch her toys. Only things of mine she'll play with is like a pen on my desk once in a while.

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