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There's a ton of new content in this game all the time


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Just wanted to let you guys know of another channel with very helpful and real money making guides as well as other runescape related videos.

I started flipping a few days ago and have went from 1m to 13m, along with some other small money making methods. Thanks so much for all the videos :) i am always worried with flipping the more expensive items because i feel like i will mess it up somehow.

There are a ton of new players the past coupes years. There's a ton of new content in this game all the time. If you even miss a month of runescape you can be pretty lost. More detailed guides the better. Nothing wrong with being thorough.

What bot do you use? also how do you rwt? you do know 2007runescapegold.com the price of osrs gold in osrs and rs3 is pretty cheap...well osrs is a bit more but rs3 gp is like $0.22-$0.24 right now.

Does the slayer helm give you bonuses in there? Also, how do you get such good accuracy against airuts? Whenever I get airuts it takes me almost a minute due to missing over half of my hits with drygores even when fighting the range airuts, I just don't get why I'm so inaccurate with them.


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