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The Official PS4/PS3/PS Vita PSN ID Thread!


New Member
Hey all, new to the forum recently got playstation 4 looking for people to play with in such games: call of duty ghost and advance warfare, destiny. Come from the UK anyone wanting a game feel free to add me. Jarcher04


New Member
PSN: Krantzesque

Feel free to add.

The only game I have for online stuff right now is Warframe, wasn't really into Destiny, but I'm sure I'll get more down the road.


New Member
Hello guys

i bought ps4 few days ago

I need friends to play with .

i play games like Fifa 15 and battlefield

so if anyone would love to be my friend on ps4

my ID name : Rode-love7

please add me,

by the way im not nooooop in fifa15 so u will not regret adding me


New Member
Looking for friends in general for PS4. Right now mostly play Destiny and looking for anyone willing to play cooperatively. Anyone looking to build their PSN friends list is welcome too! Games also include Last of Us and Shadow of Mordor.

I am Pacific time US. 25 year old EMT and won't annoy you lol. I have a mic and would like to use it!

PSN: Stroyza

I have a level 21 Titan and a level 13 Hunter as of July 10th 2015.


New Member
Hey all, name's B (nickname, actually, prefer it though) and my PSN ID is Lunch_Kid. I'm an avid gamer, and I'm also known to be an avid forumer. I love making friends while gaming and on forums, but I moved from the 360 to PS4, and none of my friends really have one. So, if you're looking for a laid back guy to game with, or even chat with, I'm your guy. So feel free to add me, guys! Always looking for more friends.


New Member
Need people to play with.

Hello to all my fellow PS4 players out there. My name is Thomas and I'm looking for people who are on regularly, are matured(more mature than 5th graders(14 years or older)) and love to build. I would love to play with anyone who comes on. If you do though, please clarify if you have a mic because I love to talk to people. Communication is key and all that. If you're interested, message me on PSN. My accounts name is Thomas2141. Easy enough, right? See you soon.


New Member
My PSN is koopakingg. Im looking for Mature, older, chill gamers. I play a ton of different types of games, but if im playing with others its probably a FPS lol. im trying to get back into Destiny after AWHILE and only level 23 haha. Also looking for players to play BO3! I just cant stand public rooms anymore x_x. i have a mic too. And im 16 and on EST!

Add me! :D


New Member
Add me to your PSN user name: depazzy mostly play far cry 4, destiny, the witcher, COD Ghosts, and I own a Headset with a mic


New Member
My PSN is Octa-king

I normally play Minecraft and EA's Star Wars Battlefront. Let me know if you'd like to play!


New Member
hi all ...

psn id = pulse-1979

location uk

co-founder of the LoL clan ..

could do with mature english speaking folk that dont mind getting the piss taken out them and play whenever they can or want .. playing bf4 and bf1 at moment. ive also posted in the recruitment section :)

age - 37

Greetings! I'm Cresawer Clonters, an avid PS4, PC and Android gamer! I'm here seeking like-minded gamers that're up for some online multiplayer action or just need someone to chat with.

Competitive multiplayer games I'm playing: Paladins, Paragon, Asphalt 8 Airborne, Gods of Rome, SMITE and Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Generation.

My PSN ID is: IfeTee. My vCard's also available for download from my profile site.

Thanks, and here's to the start of great multiplayer teams!


Staff member
My PSN is CarlosX360.

I play most popular games.
I started on PS3, I continue in PS4, and I most definitely am going to play with this PSN on the new PS5.

Games I play regularly varies, but popular games are...
- Call of Duty: WWII
- Destiny 2 (since its free now for PS+ Subscribers)
- Titanfall 2
- Horizon: Zero Dawn
- Nier: Automata
- Devil May Cry HD Collection

Upcoming games and games I've not bought yet:
- Spiderman
- Mega Man 11
- Capcom Beat ‘Em Up Bundle
- Castlevania Requiem
- Call of Duty: Black Ops 4

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