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The Official PS4/PS3/PS Vita PSN ID Thread!


New Member
Hey new to the forum psn name C4ortey on ps4 playing destiny atm will be the crew and Gta when released tho . Also have xbox one with same games different user name Z 40rty


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Hey guys,

I am very new to the PS4 (and playstation community in general) and am really looking forward to making new friends on this new adventure! I had the PS1 back in the day but have been an xbox user ever since. None of my friends have the PS4 so please do not be shy to send me a friend request :) I have had terrific friendships over the past years on Xbox 360 and am hoping to gain a few more with my tenure with the PS4 :)

I have: destiny, infamous second son, killzone, and nba 2k15. I am also hoping to get games like minecraft, assassins creed, call of duty etc.

My PSN is: DaftHaz

Thanks :)


New Member
My psn is Javeyshotta

Feel free to add me.. PS4 gamer.. Jamaican.. I play FIFA 15 and NFS and I preordered COD AW and GTA and I want to preorder The Crew.. I like to talk also .. Add me


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I'm new here to this form but need friends for ps4 and vita just left clan and had to empty list to avoid being a non clan member please add me oscarthecat2009 :)


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Anyone want to play games?

i have killzone lbp3 and fifa 14. have friends but dont play with me. So anyone PSN iamhisrex go ahead and add me! :)



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Whether it's to find other players to game with or just for the heck of it - feel free to post your PSN ID below :)

Special thanks go to CpmPanda for co-creating this thread!
I am not regularly online bcos am currently in africa spending time with my family network.
Please add me, i woul like the new exerience.
Am nicolebryan just have pes 2015 at the moment, even though i have saved up fifa 15, call to duty and need for speed rivals from my friends in my area
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Hello, PSN: Nubosisone, playing Driveclub, NFSR and may give a try to dragon age, add me if you like!
Anyone wanna add me to PS4?!?!

Heyhey people of Walmart, I mean playstation. Anyone wanna mic up?! Im 22 and a dude, looking for people close to my age. Have Advanced Warfare, Grand Theft Auto 5, Minecraft and Last of Us. Also have Secret Poncho and Loadout, and whatever free games might come out obv. Canada here. My PSN is AaronLikesCheeze, so add it up saying your age or Message here first. PEEESE!

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