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The Evil Within will offer Season Pass.


New Member
It seems like The Evil Within will feature Season Pass. For USD20, you'll get three planned DLCs. For further details, check the link below.


The first add-on will have players assume the role of The Keeper - better known as Boxman. As The Keeper, players will be tasked with completing a "sadistic collection of mission-based maps." The final two add-ons included in the Season Pass will be a two-part story featuring Juli Kidman, the partner of Sebastian Castellanos. Players will encounter new enemies and explore new areas as Juli, as she uncovers the mysteries of The Evil Within.

This is a Single Player only game is it not? Why on earth does it need a Season Pass? I think it's unnecessary but $20 for three DLCs is quite a good deal if the DLCs have a lot of contents and play time.


New Member
Another great publisher falling prey to the cruel world of gaming industry. I will wait for the Game Of the Year edition to play this game with all the DLCs.


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I'm excited for The Evil Within, but season passes are more than annoying. Of course, the gaming industry has adopted these passes as the new standard, but they're just gouging us for more money, especially when they've already got the DLC mapped out or even completed. If it's on-disk already, then that's even worse. I'll probably wait for a GOTY addition if that happens. Still, $20 for a large amount of DLC isn't too bad, assuming the DLC is actually in-depth and not just one and done type things.


New Member
Another great publisher falling prey to the cruel world of gaming industry. I will wait for the Game Of the Year edition to play this game with all the DLCs.

Good idea, most probably won't be called a GOTY edition since I doubt this game is a GOTY material. Even if there isn't a GOTY edition, it'll probably have some sale with all DLCs bundled into one in the future.
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