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"The Evil Within" the Survival Horror master Shinji Mikami is BACK!


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I think the game I am looking forward to the most for the PS4 is the new survival horror game from Shinji Mikami (creator of Resident Evil) "The Evil Within" which is based on a familiar premise that the main character of the game will have to survive through various horrifying things in a horror filled apocalyptic world, with both mental and physical challenges put in place with a intricate story line that connects all the horror to one end. I am pretty much a fan of most of the games Shinji has been involved in from the RE series, Dino Crisis, Devil May Cry and Onimusha:Warlords. This game is a must own and I will be digging in as soon as possible and hope to be scared. :eek:
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Shinji is a legend. Japanese devs like Koijama and Shinji have created so many amazing games like MGS, DMC and other games that people will remember them for years to come. They are the pioneers of Japanese gaming industry which is in trouble right now. I can guarantee you guys that The Evil Within is going to be a masterpiece.


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Shinji is a legend. Japanese devs like Koijama and Shinji have created so many amazing games like MGS, DMC and other games that people will remember them for years to come. They are the pioneers of Japanese gaming industry which is in trouble right now. I can guarantee you guys that The Evil Within is going to be a masterpiece.

I agree wow it will be an excellent game, and I hope it will bring something new and innovative to the table in this genre of games like the original Resident Evil did back in 1996 which seems like yesterday on the PS1, but it is almost twenty years old. I know playing this game will be the total experience and have a very tight plot to go with intense game play and a edge of your seat game that I think all gamers love. And do not get me started on Hideo Kojima he is a master at his craft and had made some of the best stealth action video games of all time on several platforms, Kojima is a genius.


This looks incredible.

There are not many gaming auteurs, but Shinji Mikami is unarguably one of them.


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Although, they haven't revealed much from the game, we all kno that it's going to be awesome, right? It's the original Resident Evil creator after all.

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Looking forward to it, kinda. Might be good. Mikami worked on Shadows of the Damned too, right, along with Suda51? I've thought that Shadows of the Damned would be scary as Hell if it didn't have such ridiculously hilarious dialogue. Love that game.


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Am I the only one who thinks this might be better than the Resident Evil series? Everything we've been shown just seems so much cooler.


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Resident Evil hasn't been a horror game for years. It's an action series with some horror elements. We're dying for real horror which is why I'm so excited for this. I really can't wait for it. After playing Outlast I'M really looking forward to another in depth horror game. Hopefully this one lives up to all the hype.
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