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The Elder Scrolls Online PS4 Friends/Dungeons/Guild Thread!


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Heyyy. Looking for some people to game with. I use to play eso on PC and have leveled up numerous characters so I'm technically not a noob at the game. Currently I'm a level 10 dark elf DK. I do grinding mostly since I really don't wanna quest for the 100th time. Just wanna level up. Have some fun and then pvp till I drop dead. Hit me up. NA server. Ebonheart pact. PS ID is Rush-N
I'm looking for some players in Ebonheart Pact to group up with i'm going to be starting a new NightBlade character this afternoon and I will be playing with a friend. If anyone is interested please friend request me and send me a message on PS4 my PSN is xBiGGABOSS-MAiNE and we will be exploring from levels 1-50 and even verteran ranks afterwards.


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Starting a new Trading Guild

PSN ID: CrazyKana
Guild ID: Kings Dragons
Looking for more members for a new Trading Guild.

E-mail me in game. Happy adventuring!


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Looking for a established trade guild. I am in the ebonheart pact but I will join any alliance guild, as gold is the same no matter where it comes from. My psn is PancakeHazzord, my character name is Ondren.


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DC Trading LLC is now hiring!!!!

We are a new guild solely based on player trading, were hunters gatherers crafters minors provisioners. We go for the gold and provide the best quality merchandise at the best price to our customers. We want to make a name for ourselves and be the best trading company in the entire Tamriel community. So why not start now? Ever thought of buying stock? Well how about we invest everything into this and take it as far as we can go. The hierarchy is set, all we need are the members.

Sounds good? Psn gmoneybabyy.

Send me a request with the answer to these 3 questions.

1) do you have any sales experience?

2) why should I hire you? And I don't want an answer with less than 25 words.

3) this is a serious guild we plan on making a big difference in the community but my question to you is, how many hours a week would you say that you play? I know we all have our own lives outside of this and I understand that because I also work full time and have 2 kids so I'm in and out but I do play a decent amount. Oh and don't feel like you have to be on all the time to gain rank within our company, those things are handled differently, there is an actual interview process that takes place to move up in the chain but once you answer these questions and we have our initial interview we will go through those steps.

Facebook group is up!!! Look up

DC Trading LLC
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Guild Recruiting "Deaths Hand"

Deaths Hand is taking all members noobs or veterans. We are a new guild focusing on trading and end game content. There are also a bunch of high ranking positions available also. If interested or have questions message Ti2anium on PS4.


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Three Man Party

Hi just want to ask if any one would like to adventure with me and my friend we are in the aldemeri dominion and do Quests along with dungeons we are willing to do anything within reason We would only like archers or mages as we enjoy being coordinated please message me or add me TomDaBomb123083! We are also on the EU servers

Levels 12 - 14


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Savage Brigade Guild Recruiting (North America Server)

Looking for members, hardcore or casual, (I'm more hardcore myself) for my guild. My PSN is "EvelShadow" While Savage Brigade will have a PvP focus, me and a dozen other members run dungeons, and help out people with quests/crafting if you need it. (already have some maxed out crafters) So really we are an all around guild aside from guild trading. I've played plenty of MMO's and consider myself laid back, so no need to be afraid of asking for anything. If you want to join, send me a message. We don't allow "everyone" in because of those few who choose to be annoying; but I doubt any of you have reason to worry.


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Hey everyone, I'm new to this forum, not new to Elder Scrolls, but semi-new to ESO. That being said, I'm looking for chill, fun people to play with. Whether it be questing, dungeons, delves, or even gathering for crafting mats, the company of good people always makes games better. Feel free to add me, my PSN is Lunch_Kid (same as my forum name) anf I'm on almost every day. If you hate kids, cool, me too. I'm 22 so don't worry about that. Also, right now I'm a Dunmer Dragonknight, obviously with the Ebonheart Pact. But, I can choose any race with any alliance, so that's no issue for me. Well, I'm going back to playing. Hopefully I can make some good, long lasting friends to play this game with for months to come. At least til Battlefront 3 :p
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Ebonheart Pack Juilek Campaign Need Help

Needing help for Non-veterans to come join in as guest or home to just capture the Emperor Keeps ~ Server is dead Ebonheart don't stand a chance against Aldmeri . Appreciate your help !


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Hey, me and mates have started up a werewolf guild for those who want to join, its called The moon speaker's yet our guild page is called The Moon walkers on ( Themoonwalkers.enjin.com) join us on there or send me a msg on ps4, we do RP, PVP and PVE, we want some players to join so we can start planning events hunts etc... so JOIN NOW!!


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Aldmeri Dominion Undaunted pledge

I am having a hard time picking up an undaunted pledge. I picked up one before but it was abandoned. I want to pick up another and start doing these quests but I cant figure out how to get the pledges. I googled it and found a page that said where you could go and I have tried several of those places. At this moment I am upstairs in the Salted Wing Tavern in Vulkhel Guard where there are 4 npcs standing in front of a fire. I bought one of them a drink but other than that I cannot get the pledge. I also tried in Reapers March with the same outcome. I hope I am just being dumb and not doing something right… :) If anyone could please help me out I would very greatly appreciate it. Thanks in advance!


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Hey I just started playing eso don't know heaps about the game but I loved skyrim and was good as a healer add me CalumMc44


My name is Adam.
I got to lv16 but its a game you really need others to play with. I'd be keen to start back up again.


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PSN: mseichi
North American server

3 friends currently playing together 2 - 3 times a week, and would like to find similar, like minded players to group with. Some general info on us 3:

Age: two 40+ friends and his 20yr old kid, so pretty much any age group
Level: currently 22 - 24, and we started playing at launch, so we're not interested in power leveling by any means.
Class: Templar, nightblade, dragonknight. Any class/race is fine.
Play style: Exploration, questing and story line. We do hit PVP to mix things up some. We only play our mains when all 3 can play (hence low level), so power leveling or people that know every secret to the game probably wouldn't fit into the group.

If interested in a casual, slower paced play style, contact me in game. Thanks for looking.

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