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The Elder Scrolls Online PS4 Friends/Dungeons/Guild Thread!


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To save the forum cluttering up with a bunch of threads, I thought it'd be best to have them all in here under one thread :)

So if you are looking for friends to adventure with, or want to recruit/start a guild with other members here, feel free to post below with your PSN ID and if you're after other people to play with, wanting to start a guild or recruit people for a guild!


PSN ID: Haze
Looking for members to start a ESO Guild within Australia. Feel free to PM me or message me on PSN!
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Hey all - Looking for PS4 friends - I will be leveling a Khajiit Nightblade and a Something Dragon Knight for sure. I have access to the explorers pack so Race/faction doesn't matter. That said if you are looking for a friend to get into the game with Add me on PS4. Get some crafting friends - help each other level crafting make it quick by sharing unused gear for dismantling and mats. ie - you are leveling Blacksmithing and I have heavy armor I'm not using for my night blade I give it to you to level your Blacksmithing Vise versa if you have Medium gear and are not using it give it to me and so on. From my understanding there is no conventional Auction hall system so a close knit set of friends in or outside of a guild is what I'm going for. I also play Destiny. I will be focusing on Story and PvP primarily. Depending on how many people/guild for endgame/dungeon PvE content.

PSN: Venku_kyudu
Send me a message with ESO Friend so I don't think you're some weirdo and delete you:)

Look forward to seeing you in game.
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Hey Venku_Kyudu! Im looking for players as well. Friend me on PSN if you want to play. I will be leveling a Sorcerer from the Daggerfall Covenant.


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Just picked up PS4 this past weekend , pre-ordering as well. Looking for people to play with as well, will send over an invite


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Hmm I should probably be looking to add some psn friends too now that I'll finally have reason to play online. Picked up PS4 2-3 ish weeks back. Will grab my digital pre-order and ps plus membership this week before launch. Faction/race/class doesn't matter to me so much as I have very limited prior knowledge of the game. Will most likely run some sort of templar as first character.

PSN ID is same as my ID on this forum

Will play on NA server

*From the looks of things, it seems I will be aligning with the Daggerfall faction
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Hi guys, me and a friend are starting a guild up and looking for players to join in and help us start up etc... I'm going to be a dragon knight nord (tank role) and I believe my friend is going to be a Night blade but he is not completely sure.... Anyway if you are interested add me on my Psn Flux EL and ill speak to you further online


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Elder scrolls online

I'm looking to start a group chat for elder scrolls online for the ps4, to make a group for eso. I will be playing as an imperial.


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my psn id is Open24Hrz420 pls add me got a few buddies playing as well and lookin for more to join or start a guild w/ ....the more the merrier


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PS4 Launch Party Up

I pre-ordered the Imp edition last week. Very excited for launch been an Elder Scrolls fan for awhile.
Looking for people that want to group up at Launch to help out with the leveling process, and its always nice to have another set of eyes when exploring.
My first character is going to be a Imperial Night-blade, probably gonna be a dps/tank.
Just add me and send me a txt on psn if you want to. PSN: ViolentNitemare

What does everyone plan on starting out as?


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ELDER SCROLLS PS4 Team up Launch

Yo who wants to team up with me for the ELDERSCROLLS ONLINE PS4 at Launch time. I'll will be making a Khajiit nightblade (mostly ranged)so the Aldmeri Dominion faction. I will be playing a lot to reach lvl cap for pvp and dungeons. Need someone or multiple people to quest with for prolly long periods of time.

I'm a 23 year old male

add me if interested: PS4 Online ID: CJ_RHYMESx52

I will be getting the game right a midnight. I'll be on right after midnight.

must have a mic and be somewhat talkative
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starting a guild

Hey there everyone so I'm looking for a few skyrim veterans who wanna start a guild I have played both skyrim and oblivion and beaten both all I'm looking for are people who love skyrim and wanna start a guild wont be big until we all level up a decent amount and can help each other thats another thing I require you have to actually play together obviously u can play by yourself but u also need to play with us like a actual brotherhood should be. Write me on here or on my kik thedizzyfool if interested and ill give more details once I hear from u. Also id really like if you had a headset add me on thedizzyghost131 psn also
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Looking for experienced mmo players

hey fellow gamers, preordered my company of eso and looking for experineced mmo players hence the title lol. ive got many years behind me in these games. played wow for about 5years, then guild wars lastly ff14 realm reborn all ether being tank or archer based characters.

my names harley, im 25 mostly being playing in morning and late night until hit level cap and start doing end game stuff then be doing stuff at set times with everyone. also gonna be a nord dragon knight most likely for my first toon

if intrested add me harlz909
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Hii there just wou dering whats the main goal for yyr guild will it be just playing for the lore or willing to do endgame content. Mainly im looking for pve side but occasionally doing pvp


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Hey Iv'e just got the game for ps4 also add me jabis69

Mostly into PvE but open for anything, making a Dunmer DK


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Hey Bud, Im fairly new to ESO but played the single player ES games.. Looking for people to play with down the track and get tips off and possibly dungeon with.

Add me if you are looking for friends, my PSN is : Jabis69
Just leave me a message


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Hey im also looking for people to possibly play with and chat too

My PSN is Jabis69

Going to roll a Dunmer DK

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