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Technical question regarding MP3 playback


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So, when I want to play my MP3's, I only get static pops back. All other audio works, audio is set for Dolby 5.1, HDMI only.

The MP3's in question were converted from WMA variable bitrate files, they play fine in Windows and they *did* play fine on my PS4 for the test run. Then, after I turn eveything off for the night and then come back, they stop working.

Has been tested by streaming overvhome network as well as direct-connect with a USB stick.

It seems that the only way to get the things working again is to redo the file conversions.

*edit* it plays fine through the headphones????

Anyone have an idea what's causing this?

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So, I've already founs the answer, the headphones is yhe giveaway. They will only work played through my speakers when I force the sound system to play in stereo-only.

I'm unsure if this is due to the file conversion or if native files do this. It did this with gresh FLAC as well, come to think of it; at the time, I thought it was just file corruption.

I'll try fresh MP3's later, see if I get anything different.

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