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Team player and fun filled

Had Division 2 since release but haven't really played it I liked Division but no one on my friends played it and I like playing games like Division with a team from start to finish where we all feel the struggle through it all but no one I meet seems to want to play from start to finish they just want to carry me and frankly I don't feel any sense of accomplishment being carried... I want to learn the game while playing it learning from mistakes made and getting my butt kicked until a strategy works. I don't want to play follow the leader while some higher level who has beat the game is just walking through. No offense, but, that takes the fun away to me. If anyone is willing to play from start to finish with me and doesn't treat it like it's the end of all mankind when a mission goes south and just wants to have fun please hit me up. EL_Nemesis_x7 is my psn... a full team would be nice, if not, that's ok.

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