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The internal SSD is not all that big (only 835 GB and but some of that is used for operating system). If you play any PS4 games on your PS5 the best thing to do is add an external drive. I added a WD P50 SSD 2 tb drive and rum my PS4 games from there with no problem or slow down.


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I do have an external hd, its always full, it's not the storage size I have issue with, although it is very small, I had to delete two games that took me nearly 2 days to download for an update that ended up being only 600mb, I had to clear up 50g of space, that was a problem with ps4, now it's the same with this new generation, that is the why I ask, it's quite fustrating


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Cannot store ps5 games on external drives yet, why does the ps5 need so much storage space to download small updates, the storage is already limited and this just limits it even further, nearly 50g of space for a 600mb update is a bit much no?

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