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Soul Sacrifice


Professional Escapologist
Tried the demo because i was upset for no Monster Hunter for the Vita, got surprised with such a solid title.

Did anyone tried the online in the demo? It's really fun and i recommend it to everyone who owns a Vita!


New Member
I know! I was really looking hoping that Capcom would create another title for psp, instead of shifting to the 3DS. I haven't tried the demo for this but after looking at your post, I think I'll go check it out!


New Member
This game is good. But when you start playing it, the game isn't nearly as similar to Monster Hunter as most of us thought. And that's a good thing. This game's story is good and is practically screaming for a sequel. Good thing Inafune is interested in doing just that.


Well-Known Member
I had no idea there was a demo for this on the PS Store! To the Vita I go! *flys away*

Clark Wayne

New Member
I'm a little late to this thread but I finally got the chance to play this game and I have to admit that is pretty amazing and in my opinion one of the best games available for the Vita at the moment. I was unsure about it at first as I thought it would be similar to Monster Hunter but it wasn't like it all actually. I almost halfway done with the game and I really hope a sequel for it will be released.

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