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Sony to Remove cross-play from Rocket League!!!!!!


New Member
First off. I do not own any Sony Device at this moment. I just felt obligated to spread important news to gamers when it is bad news. Hopefully the Sony community will rise up against Sony themselves to stop evil before it spreads.

As you should know by from E3, Rocket League is coming to all platforms and all platforms are going to be able to play together called "Cross Play". Microsoft and Nintendo Fully support this decision so PC, Switch, Xbox will all be able to play together creating a MASSIVE player base enjoying the game all as one. Sony however has chosen to remove cross-play all together. PS4 players will only ever be able to play with other PS4 players.

If you have ever played the game before you should know that it can really only be played well with a controller so there is no mouse/kb advantage like in shooters for instance. This is a game that should be played together with all gamers playing on any platform.

Will it end with Rocket League or spread to other games like Minecraft as you might have heard will also be doing a cross-play model.

The PS4 community needs to rise up and let Sony know what they want. You bought their product. They should be catering to you as a gamer. Your the reason they exist. Without you they are nothing.

Spam official forums with how you want to be able to play YOUR console.

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