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Sony Playstation 4 In Boot Loop (Video Included)


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I have already posted this on Official Playstation forums but not many experienced advanced individuals exist there, so Ill post it here again same information and also 2 short videos to show the problem, thanks :)

Hey guys, I am having problems with my Playstation 4 console, its stuck on an infinite boot loop of some sort, now before I get into more detail I have already tried safe mode, initialised it, reset to factory tried to install complete firmware from website and copied onto USB, it still does the boot loop..

Please any comments appreciated and any help as well, console has not been tampered with, contacted Sony but they wanted £175 to fix it... After leaving it to loop over 15× + or so it goes into the blue screen where it says to connect controller but the screen looks like it's shaking?? When PS button clicked on controller, it then goes back into the loop!

If I leave it on the blue screen where it says to connect PS Controller eventually at the end, the screen stops shaking of some sorts right before and goes back looping again.

I have experience with soldering, fixing motherboards and repairs in the past, so I can open it up and fix the problem if only I knew what the problem was!?

It most definitely seems like it may be a software problem, but yet when the the blue screen pops up after god knows how many boot loops the screen is shaking of some sorts?

Also I would like to state, in the process of this infinite boot loop, the console never shuts down, restarts. The state is always on the White LED light while the infinite boot occurs, so it doesn't reboot or power off.



Please help thanks!

P.S. wont let me post links to the video on youtube showing the problem, but just remove spaces it should work!
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Have embedded your vids for you

Damn,thats bad.
Hopefully someone here has an idea of what to do though you may end up indeed sending it Sony to fix :noidea

Would like to ask though,did you do anything to cause this or did it just happen by itself all of a sudden?


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Those videos were painful to watch. Is it booting itself up in safe mode? Either way, I'm going to say this probably is something software related. But then again, boot loops in computers and devices can be either software or hardware (had a boot loop on my computer due to a faulty keyboard :/ ) and difficult to diagnose.

I did some Googling for you. Seems people have issues with the boot loop. You know better than me the symptoms of your particular problem. You also said you have tech experience so I'm sure you can wade through all this info and find what you're looking for :)


Technobezz says if none of the 7 options in safe mode work, you could try installing a brand new hard drive if the hard drive is the issue.

Hope this helps and good luck :)
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