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Sony confirms the next console is PlayStation 5


Staff member
In a blog post, Sony announced that their next-gen game console is indeed PlayStation 5. The blog post is here, and it explains that PS5 will ship with a new controller. This controller switches the force feedback from rumble to haptic, and the trigger buttons will have adaptive technology. Which adds to the immersion of your gameplay control. So, say you want to use a bow to accentuate your projectory.

WIRED, the same publication that talked about the PS5 in April, ran a story about PS5, too. The article is here, it goes deep into PlayStation 5. Ray Tracing will be on the actual GPU hardware, rather than the much talked-about: software-level Ray Tracing.

PlayStation 5 will be released Holiday 2020.


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Tnx for that information dude. I can't wait holiday 2020th... Do you think Sony will throw out the Pro version of the console when and the basic PS5 version? I would love it very much... PS5 for my son and PS5Pro for me, not that we all spend $600 plus various accessories for next gen console, plus PS+ premium Subscription, maybe a new OLED 8K/4K TV, in order for 2-3 years emerged more powerful Pro and again purchase then new Next Gen improved version. That's just my personal opinion, which is why I'm asking you and the others, what do they think about leaving both consoles on the same day?
The only difference between them would be double the SSD, 4 to 6GB GDDR6 RAM for games, and maybe a little better GPU or just overclocked AMD NAVI at 2.1 Ghz...

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