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SOFTWARE Sonic Lost World Release Date Set For Wii U, Nintendo 3DS


New Member
Finally one day, I do not know.
I did not even know it came out on 3DS, so I'm surprised.

I watched a gameplay on 3DS, and I'm surprised. I really had underestimated the console in its infancy.
It will be a good game for young Wii U. It reminds me a lot Mario Galaxy, but I liked Mario Galaxy.

There is no reason for this game not sell.


New Member
That's pretty great actually while a few of the last games have not been all that great they recently pulled out a surprisingly good one. Hopefully with this new release they can continue that and possibly recreate a streak of well made Sonic games. Maybe one day they'll even be able to live the 2006 Sonic game down and we will be able to completely forget about that awful disaster of a game.

Finger's crossed for a great game to finally get the series going again.
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