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So, how did you find PS4Forum?


Well-Known Member
So a fellow member came up with a good idea of a thread where we can all share how we found PS4Forum.

It could be a random Google search, a link from another website/forum, word of mouth, etc. Share with us how you came to find and be a member of this forum :)

I will start: We have a sister site XboxOneForums.com which I found via Google around a couple years ago which I became a moderator. Eventually Frantic (the "Head Honcho" here) re-opened this forum after a hiatus for maybe a year? - along with a Wii Forum. So I jumped at the chance to come over here as Playstation is my main "love" and now here I am :)

Share your story below!

Big thanks to iamthenight90!


New Member
I was searching for PS4 failure reasons and stuff and I found the forums in Google(Google our lord!).

I joined, nice fellas made me stick around. :)


New Member
Got and email from an EMS forum I'm a part of. There was a link to tapatalk so i went there, found this cool as hell app and forum when searching for gaming forums.


New Member
I just got my PS3 and did a search for PS3/PS4 forums and found this one and a few others. This is the only one that hasn't kicked me off :(


The Watcher In The Wings
well when i got my ps4 and my freind wouldnt answer his phone, i needed to be a partof a community and talk to fellow owners of the system. i searched ps4 forums and i found this promising site, but it was to crowded with links and buttons so i wanted a cleaner interface. i found this website and its like the best thing ever. profile, whats new, and forum. so simple. im here to stay for a while.
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