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So are we getting AAA PS+ games this month (or next)?


New Member
With E3 looming in, will we get our first free AAA title? Seems like we get Shooter Ultimate this upcoming month.

With that said, do you think Sony gives us a AAA game to announce during E3? It's also the PS+ anniversary I believe, so that may be another reason.
If so, what game will it be? (I say probably Knack.)


Pixeljunk Shooter Ultimate should be fun, but it is not necessarily something I want. If we had to pick from the current line-up of PS4 games, I believe Knack is the safest bet just because of its unimpressive scores and its affordable pricetag. However, no one would care that Knack was a free game, or rather no one will be that excited. I still feel like people are buying Killzone so I cannot see why it would be on Plus--then again I am not exactly sure how they pick and choose games.
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