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Singleplayer or Multiplayer?


New Member
I'm both.

I got into MMO's for the reason of enjoying having people to play with.

I'll still mostly run solo on ESO with questing and team up for dungeons when I feel like one.

Still enjoy single player games like Spider-Man and Jedi: Fallen Order.

I can't do FPS PUBs for long before I get bored. Either need a friend to run it with me or I do a few matches and go back to a singleplayer mode or turn on ESO and run content on there for a few hours.


Sniper Kitten
Staff member
I'm mostly single player. Give me a good story and single player experience and I'm set. Rarely do I play anything PvP anymore. If I do play multiplayer, it's some kind of co-op. Which is why I was a Destiny junkie for a good chunk of this generation :) I also do still jump into Mass Effect: Andromeda once in a while. It's a shame that game is kind of a ghost town because the multiplayer had some serious potential had EA not had their heads up their asses. Some new multiplayer content could have put that game on life support for a while. I still know people who play ME3 religiously on their PS3s. Actually, last time I played ME3 online I had an easier time getting in a game than Andromeda lol.


New Member
Lately(well starting from last gen) more and more games put their emphasize on multiplayer aspects of the game than single player.
And this gen we see more games which are "online and multiplayer only" which got me thinking, is this what actually gamers want or is this the way companies want to run their games.

Now I might be an old fashioned player, I started with Atari, moved to Nintendo then Sega genesis and PS1~4.
I'm a single player person, I love a good game with good story and good gameplay, a game cannot excite me if it doesn't have those 2 specific factors.
I do appreciate a nice split screen co-op so I can play the campaign or other modes with my friend on the couch.

I don't care about online MP much, its a nice add on to have, but I really hate it when online MP starts to hurt SP aspects of a game(Call of Duty being a great example).

So I wanna know your opinion on this matter,
Are you a more of a single player gamer or multiplayer?
Which one do you think is more important in a game?
SP is what I play. Always have. I can take my time... there's more strategy in how you accomplish a mission... more ways of completing a level. There's a story, a plot... sub-plot. I can appreciate the graphics in terms of the fine details they've made. MP - and I've played it a few times, is run and gun. Everyone is just running around shooting anything that moves within a small map. They die, they spawn in again and do the same thing. The goal in my playing, is to try and not die... take out the enemy in ways the others don't see you do it. Finding the best way to stay alive. I like realism. There's no realism in MP... if those players fought in a real war like they do in a game, they'd all be dead inside of an hour.

Okay, maybe that's not the point of MP but it's MY whole point of playing and honestly, if a game comes out and there's no SP campaign... I don't buy it - no interest in it whatsoever. I fear however, that things will lean closer to MP and eventually take out SP because MP is where most of the money is and after all, it IS a business.
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