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Show us what you really look like


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Unfortunately the pic I could have posted was accidentally deleted by my brother yesterday. I think it could be the most dreadful picture to look at but otherwise I will do it with time.


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That's me. I'm 16 years-old as of right now.

Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube are all robbiepayne97.
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What I really want to do is change my Profile Picture, any tips on how to that guys? Sorry for being such a pain in the you know where...


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What? You mean here on the forum? There are 2 choices,profile and avatar.
Or do you mean on PSN?


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I mean't my Avatar here on the Forum. Sorry about the confusion, I just realised how ambiguous that sounded...


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No comments on the first one plz. I was just fooling around with the sharpshooter

Second one is with the cat. Check out the Tshirt.

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