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Show us what you really look like


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As the topic says,by brave and post a pic of what you really look like.
Use an image host or simply use the file attachment system in post.

OK,since it's my idea Ill go first: :p


btw: STICKY topic maybe?


New Member
Well here's a pretty rough sketch of my face, try not to faint when you see how good looking I am.



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I sadly, don't have any good pic's I would post right now, but I would like to see at least 1 full face :), no homo.


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Lol, the first picture isn't really legit. You should show your face first before we actually try to post ours. Or maybe you're waiting for someone to post theirs before you can post yours? But I got to say, your pic is really cool. Kinda like Kamen Rider or something.


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Im not going to be beaten by a girl..lol..so here's a bit better one of me then :eek:

And no,they are'nt real tattoo's :p



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I think this girl is still beating you at the moment Oberon. Mine is a real, unedited pic. Yours has been Obama-ized and you've added tats...(or your wearing a long sleeve shirt under your SoA shirt). Either way, you're getting there, but I'm still beating ya. At least you have good taste in TV ;)


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Well thats all you guys are getting at the moment so enjoy it...lol
At least that's more than anyone else has post here so far.


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I must be the only one using my real face for an avatar. I figured I might as well since we can use our fb pic on the ps4.


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lol All good with the jokes people I think we should add real pics.Even if mine are altered,its still me.

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