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Should minecraft come out for the PS4?


New Member
Should minecraft come out for the PS4? Or maybe even for the PS3?

Personally, I'd prefer if they'd launch it on the PS4 and create a little mod section, where you can download all high-rated mods from minecraftforums. That'd be what wins me over xbox's version :)

What do you think?


New Member
It is Xbox's version. Although it isn't being published by Microsoft the version coming out for Sony consoles is the 4J version. I expect Xbox One and PS4 to have bigger levels (and maybe added things like fireworks) but other than that there will not be much difference.


New Member
They announced that it would come for:
Playstation 3
Playstation 4
Playstation Vita

However I don't know the release date. I have heard it will be released for all three when PS4 is released.


Professional Escapologist
I just hope that it isn't the Xbox 360 version, that thing really sucked with maps of the size of counter strike maps. And nope, no mods on sight, so you would be better just playing the PC version.


New Member
If it has to come out it should come out for the PS4. What would be the point of publishing it for a dying console?


New Member
Yeah I definitely think it should come out for the PS4. I'm not going to buy it unless there are significant additions to the game to make it more like the PC version. The XBox version is just terrible, the maps are tiny, there aren't many features, it's just overall bad. I hope they can make the PS4/PS3 version better than that.


New Member
It doesn't really matter. Minecraft is almost identical between PC and Console, except for mods and bigger worlds. Updates come a little slower, but that's to be expected. Putting it on another console won't really change anything, for better or for worse, unless Sony has some kind of deal with them or something.


Well-Known Member
Well I would imagine the PS4 version will be pretty much the same as the Xbox One version. Bigger maps/worlds etc.


New Member
I would love for this to happen. I've always loved Minecraft and Playstation, if they came together it would be heaven on Earth. I hope it comes out sooner than later.


New Member
I guess it... no. I'm not going to lie - I don't really care if it does. In fact I can honestly say that I don't like Minecraft, and considering it's already on a console as well as PC I don't see the point in porting it to PS4 as well. That said it probably will because there is a significant number of folks willing to pay for it.


New Member
Well I would imagine the PS4 version will be pretty much the same as the Xbox One version. Bigger maps/worlds etc.

If it is going to come to PS4 at all, I would love to being able to mod my own game like in PC version, but it's not going to happen. It's a console after all.


New Member
I've played it on the PC and on the Xbox and on the the tablet. There are just some things that don't translate well across the platforms. I find the console controls to be difficult to work with, but that may be because I'm used to the computer.


New Member
They've already announced it will be coming to the PS platform..but I don't think I really care.

Minecraft is a game which is made for PC and is best played using keyboard and mouse. I always find it awkward on consoles. I played it on my iPad and didn't find it appealing at all.
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