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Shadow of Mordor too similar to Assassin's Creed?


New Member
There is a report claimed by an Assassin's Creed II coder that Shadows of Mordor copied their programming and codes. So I went and check the gameplay to judge for myself. Yeah, there are similarities but to say that it is ripped off Assassin's Creed seems a bit off. Sure, there are assassination mechanics and some kind of vision but these can be easily found in other games. I'd say this game is more similar to the Arkham games than Assassin's Creed. Here's a video of the pre-alpha build and tell me what you think:



New Member
Looks good to be honest. I mean sure it has elements of Assassins Creed in it, but hey is any game original nowadays?


New Member
Looks good to be honest. I mean sure it has elements of Assassins Creed in it, but hey is any game original nowadays?

Exactly, from what was shown I'd say the mechanics are even better than Assassin's Creed. For one, the player can crouch and that is already a major advantage over AC. If they can deliver the stuff they talk about, I can already see this as my third most anticipated game this year.


New Member
I can see the AC similarities, but they took those mechanics and really ran out of the field with them with the extra stuff like remembering last encounters and so on. I would say they should be flattered anyone bothered to use their code/structure/general gameplay as a base. Think about how many GTA clones there were years back.

That aside, I'm digging this. It's something I would be likely to buy once it hits shelves.


New Member
It's very similar to Assassin's Creed, but I'm really liking this. I love LOTR and would've never thought of AC-type game in that universe. This is pretty much up my alley.


New Member
This is the first I've heard of this and it looks like it plays great. Sure it's very AC-ish, but the setting and the AI element puts it over the top for me.
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