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Several questions PS4 -> PS5 autopop trophies


New Member
Hi guys!

Like the most of you, Im a trophy hunter (since PS3). But I have several question here from several new games. Im from the Netherlands so excuse me if my English is not perfect.

First of all: A Plague Tale: Innocence. I platted the game on PS4 earlier this year and I know that the game supports autopop for PS5, but sadly back then I deleted my save file from my PS4 so I dont have a file now to upload to my PS5. I already asked a friend to put his save file in his cloud so I could log in into his account on my PS4 so i could upload his save file to my cloud, but unfortunately that didnt work, I even put his save file on a USB trying to upload it on my PS5 from that USB but this also didnt work. Is there any other option/solution for this?

Second question: F1 2021. I platted most of the F1 games before on PS4 and the new game just came out a week ago. My question is if this game supports auto pop or a upgrade to PS5? When yes I’ll buy the PS4 version to get a free platinum on PS5, but I also dont know if the PS4 version supports an upgrade to PS5 or that i have to buy the game two times to get the plat on both consoles?..

Third question: AC Valhalla. Im playing the PS4 version right now on my PS5 because i knew that Valhalla has a free upgrade and so i can immediately upload the PS5 version when i get a trophy so i get them double. But somehow some trophies wont pop while other ones pop. For example the Animus trophy popped, but the Raid trophy didnt. Is there any solution for this or is it pure luck based or what is this? Im now asking myself how many trophies aren’t going to pop automatically..

Fourth question: Ghost of Tsushima. I platted the game earlier on PS4 and now for €30 I can get a Directors Cut upgrade for PS5, does anyone know if Tsushima also supports autopop? I also think that €30 is a little too much for only a autopop platinum, i have the game on disc, must i keep the game and wait for a price drop or is it possible to buy the game again digital when theres a price drop? Does my PS4 save file still works then?

I know many people are now thinking why I even play or buy PS4 versions on my PS5 when i just can play the PS5 versions. But when i can get platinums for free i think its worth it, but not with all the obstacles some games have.

I hope someone can answer my questions, thanks already and keep hunting guys!!
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