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Selling accounts for PS4/PS3

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Hi, everybody. I sell hack accounts. In the presence of almost all games. It is possible to bargain

Skype: nero354psphome.ru

Shop: t.me/Nero354PSN
Telegram: @Nero354

Payment method: Bitcoin, Webmoney, QIWI



Staff member
PS5Forum does not endorse account sale, but you are welcome to participate with this person or similar folks, just understand that PS5Forum isn't responsible for whatever transpires. That being said: If this person or any other entities stole from you or scams you, let me know and I'll take appropriate action.

I do not support the message in this thread, and I do not endorse sales of any kind of PSN accounts. Do so at your own risk. Sony is clamping down on these account sales.

Thread is locked.

If the user creates another thread like this, I will ban the PS5Forum.com account. That is your first and last warning.
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