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Sale-Bargain-Cheap PS3 Games, Console, or Accessories


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Find cheap PS3 games, blu-ray discs, etc. for sale over the internet. Help the rest of the community by posted those deals here. Remember to add a link to the deal.

Please place them in this format.

Game X -> for $ Then a link


mega man x for $25


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For European users, specially from the UK, here is a little neat place to check everyday:

PS3 » SavyGamer

They post almost everyday amazing deals from several stores, so that you can buy smart and not over pay for your games!


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PS3s and games are really plummeting in price and I suspect they will do so even more so over the coming months. I saw a second hand one in Cash Converters for the equivalent of $150 and it came with Fifa 13. I'm not a fan of soccer games but I could easily sell it knocking $10-$20 off the console price to about $135. It was a slimline to and in perfect condition. Can't wait to get my hand on some of those games I so desperately wanted when they were released but didn't have enough money to buy.


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SimplyGames.com usually do amazing deals and you'll likely never pay full retail price for games. They had BF3 PS3 for £30 so that's quite a good deal. Its a UK only store but they do ship over-seas.


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If you're a fan of Lost (the tv show that ran for six seasons and then finished a few years ago) then you could get the video game for that. It's one of the cheapest I've ever seen... in fact, I saw it for about $3.00 on amazon. The game itself leaves something to be desired... but the graphics are great and it's a must buy for fans of the tv show.


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Ebay is always my go to... always cheap good quality stuff for my PS3and you can sell your old stuff too for some quick cash....


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ebay is always a stop off for me too but I have a few other sites I also visit and then go with the cheapest price I find (usually).

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