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Rise of the Tomb Raider announced!


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A sequel to the very successful 2013 reboot "Tomb Raider" is heading to the PS4 in 2015, titled "Rise of the Tomb Raider"

"In the next chapter of her journey, Lara must use her survival skills and wits, learn to trust new friends, and ultimately accept her destiny as the Tomb Raider," Microsoft said. "Featuring epic, high-octane action moments, Rise of the Tomb Raider will take gamers to multiple locations around the world filled with exploration spaces that are some of the most beautifully hostile places on earth. In addition, after hearing the cry from fans loud and clear, the game will put the tombs back into “Tomb Raider" all in the franchise’s gritty Survival-Action style."
Check out the CG announcement trailer below:



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Loved the old (well still new) Tomb Raider so I am super excited about this game. I will be waiting for it, 2015 seems to be a good year for games!


The last game was probably one of the best games I have ever played--seriously. I look forward to picking up the bow once again.


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If no other games tip me over the edge to finally make the upgrade to the PS4 in the meantime, this one certainly will. It's a 'must have' for me…

Tomb Raider remains about my favourite gaming series of all time and have completed every one of them - often more than once. It still brings back many happy childhood memories for me.

'Putting the tombs back into Tomb Raider' – superb! They have been lacking!

I will admit Crystal Dynamics had a bit of a rough time with their first few Tomb Raider games. I thought the controls were naff and almost spoiled the game(s) for me after being so used to the controls of the first three/four games, but they really have moved the game on from the first game or two they did.


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I can't understand. Is this the ARPG game the showcased back at E3? Or is it going to be sequel to the amazing reboot of Tomb Raider?


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Sweet! The release of this game is huge for me. I have played practically every Tomb Raider game to date across multiple platforms and there is no way in hell that I am going to miss this one.


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Looks amazing.
The last one was crazy good and saved the series to be honest. Lets hope they follow the script they followed last time.
As long as they take time on it and dont rush it, it should be really good

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