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Restore Game Data from internal SSD?


New Member
My PS5 recently had to be repaired. Just before it went bad, my cloud backup of Horizon Forbidden West was corrupted and lost. All the game data was saved on my internal SSD, however. Now that I have the repaired PS5 the game will only give me the option of starting a new game. I moved the saved data from the internal SSD to Console Storage. When I go to "storage" and "SSD" I see that the game has 88.83 GB of data. But when I go to "Saved Data and Game/App Setings" it shows the game data as 3.15 MB on both console and cloud. In other words, all of my game data was saved onto my internal SSD while the PS5 was being repaired (but no cloud backup). Now that I have the repaired PS5 it ignores all of my previous saved data that is on the console. Is there any way to get the PS5 to recognize that 88.83 GB of saved data?


New Member
I think that large 88GB is the game app itself, not saved data.
The saved game data is relatively small in MB and saved on the console internal storage.
You can backup the internal saved game data alone to a small USB flash drive if you plug one in, thats what I do to backup that relatively small saved game data periodically. Cloud backup thru PS Plus service should work too, but disappointing to hear if it can get corrupted there.

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