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Resident Evil: Gun Survivor - one of the worst games on the PS1


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Resident Evil: Gun Survivor was a deviation from the Resident Evil series. It was a first person shooting game that featured fully 3D environments as opposed to pre-rendered backgrounds. Check this video out if you haven't tried the game yet:
What do you think? Is it a cool game or is it one of the worst games available on the PS1?


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I always thought it was just called Resident Evil: Survivor? I've never seen the gun part until now. I could be wrong though.

Regardless, it is a bad game, especially considering how much people liked the first two games of the series. This was most likely just a quick cash in to capitalize on the popularity of the series.


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Is this a real game for the PS1? Can't remember hearing about it.

Yup, it's a PS1 game that Capcom released to try to cash in with the Resident Evil franchise as Dame6089 said. As you can notice, the graphics are pretty much PS1. The pixelated zombie characters, jaggy backgrounds... It was a deviation from the RE games that came before it. I don't know why they made it sort of first person game. Probably thought that people would dig this sort of thing.


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Well it could have worked out, I just never heard of it. I think it's a good way to make it more personal and therefore scarier.


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I remember this - the point was to see how fast you could click through your clip without actually hitting anything. At least that's how it ended up playing out. The targeting system was a joke and the set-up was worthless. All the lack of resources of RE, but all the requirements of a typical FPS - none of my friends liked it and neither did I.


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This game could very well be described as a poor man's Left 4 Dead/House of the Dead. The concept could have been great if it was released on a more powerful system. But since it was for the PS 1, well it looked just plain ugly. It didn't play well too.


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This game could very well be described as a poor man's Left 4 Dead/House of the Dead. The concept could have been great if it was released on a more powerful system. But since it was for the PS 1, well it looked just plain ugly. It didn't play well too.

It definitively leans on House of the Dead. Didn't like that either.


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Yes, I always thought this was just 'Resident Evil : Survivor'. That's what it said on my own game case anyway, unless it was called other names in different markets…

Being a fan of Resident Evil, I had this game. No, it was no gem but I certainly wouldn’t say it was the worst I’d played on the PS1. There was plenty of lower ranking games in my own humble opinion! It was a good idea but just wasn’t executed very well at all. It did feel rather 'rushed'.

On the upside, it did have numerous Tyrant 103's – which learnt to come chasing at you almost like an angered bull. They remain of my all-time favourite and memorable enemies in a game and to see it from a first person perspective for the first time was rather frightening!

It's biggest let down was a complete lack of a saving mechanism. It's one heck of an omission to have from a game. I'm the sort of gamer who really doesn't like going over too much old ground time and time again. It does hugely frustrate me. Having to go right back to square one meant I think I never got much more than two thirds of the way through it before eventually giving up with it altogether. :mad:

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I actually found it quite interesting and entertaining, which is funny because I don't like Resident Evil much...

But come on... the worst game is Bubsy 3D, easily.
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