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Reliving the Arcade : Making your own home Arcade

Hey does anyone remember the old arcades from back in the day? For those younger gamers out there, they wouldn't understand the magic and coolness of it. Social gaming today means playing with people online. But in truth, it actually feels empty because even though you're talking with anyone from anywhere in the world while playing games, they're faceless. See, back in the day, social gaming meant literally socializing in real life, face to face.

But unfortunately, as tech evolved, some things died out. The arcades were one of those casualties. But if you could bring the arcade back in some semblance, what games would you use?

I know some I would use are:

  • GI Joe
  • Crazy Taxi
  • Street Fighter 3
  • Stider
  • Pac-man

What games would you use if you could build your own arcade?

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