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Rate the last PS4 game you played!

The gimp

New Member
MGS V TPP-5/10
Metal Gear Online-4/10

It was really looking forward to MGS V and MGO but...........I'm highly disappointed.Single player game is so repetitive and gets very boring very quickly imo. Good graphics sure and animation is brilliant but you soon find yourself doing practically the same thing every mission.
MGO was going to be my go to MP game this year.I loved MGO2 but the new one is pants.No game modes,constant connection problems,hosts kicking you without votes needed which causes you to lose ALL your XP and the classes are very unbalanced.Infiltrators are practically unstoppable.Also,nobody plays tactically it just plays like tdm every game.
Very disappointed with the game,not recommended.


Metal Gear Solid V - The Phanthom Pain - 10/10

A must have. Great story, wonderful characters, Quiet is lovely, Snake rocks, the dog is too smart and the horse is quite useful. I've been playing it for months and I still play it without getting annoyed at all. There are tons of things to do. You can approach a mission in an undefined number of ways. The action is very good, the enemies grow their skills while your character levels up, there are (too) many weapons & objects you can use & combine. Strategy, concentration, observation, fantasy, hunting, chasing, driving, crafting, futurism, romance, base building & growing, recruiting... this game has everything inside. The best game of 2015, imo. The creator is a genius :grin
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No Man's Sky - 7/10

A nice game, with much potential but not enough content to be played for more than 20-30 hours. If Hello Games will come out with many interesting DLCs, this title can become a great game. So far, it's just a good game.
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