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Question: Does PS4 come with a free month of PSN+


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I've heard a couple of youtubers etc. Talk about how the PS4 does come with a free month of PSN+

Is this true?


New Member
No it's 14 days but you can only get it if you don't all ready subscribe to ps plus. When you get shiny new ps4 just look under ps plus in store think it's first thing that comes up.


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Also you have to be a new subscriber,meaning you must never have had PS+ before with that account. Unless you create a new diff acount,then you could use PS+ with that.


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I actually didn't know that part Oberon, I thought there was a voucher that came with it. I don't have a ps4 yet so I wouldn't really know but now I do :D


I Shall Finish The Game
The North American console does come with a 1 month voucher but I believe only N/A gets it. BTW Small world isn't it Derri? Nice to see you again


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Isn't it nice to meet someone from somewhere you have no clue where you met them from? :p

Anyways, my bud in EU didn't get a damn thing, not even in the PS store.


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I actually didn't know that part Oberon, I thought there was a voucher that came with it. I don't have a ps4 yet so I wouldn't really know but now I do :D
Well,I tried and it didnt work for me as I did have once before,so I just bought 1 year straight up.
Good thing is though,it carries to PS3 as well,not just PS4 as its tied to your account. So no doubt to peopke who have a Vita it works there as well.
Its not like you need a PS+ sub for PS3 and PS4..that would have been real crap.


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Yeah I love that about Sony. They might do a few things here and there wrong but most of the time they do right by us. Remember that 4 week hack where no one could connect to PSN then when we could we got free games + an apology + we were all super happy. I know I was, I felt like bawling like a baby. "THANK YOU FOR PSN OMFG" haha


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gamer friends or something like that. Alice was the site admin. I didn't stay long as she seemed a little dramatic.

Yes you are correct, she didn't seem to stable and was often over dramatic. Plus she must have moved the site at least 3 times.
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