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Quantity of games

Number of games you own

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    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • 11-25

    Votes: 2 20.0%
  • 26-50

    Votes: 4 40.0%
  • >50

    Votes: 4 40.0%

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New Member
I was wondering how many games you all had on your computer. It can be Steam, Origin, disk, GOG or whatever else you can think of that maybe I can't.

I currently have 5 games on Origin, 143 on Steam, 3 on GOG, and like 6 disk games. I also have some game codes lying around but in general I have about 157 games for my computer alone.

Mikey Paine

New Member
I have 42 games on Steam, only 12 of them are installed. I think I have a couple of games in my inventory, but other than that, those are all I have. My computer isn't the best, so I miss out on a lot of games.


New Member
I have so much games on my steam because I love picking up games for no reason like on the humble bundle and also the steam summer sale and things like that. The games are so cheap and only playing them for one hour can pay off the cost of the game. There are games that are interesting and unknown sometimes with is fun to discover and find out. I don't like buying disks for the games because they are so expensive which is real turn off for me. The only games I got for the disk are the Starcraft series and also the Age of Empire series. They were really good and the multiplayer mode was the thing that made me buy them.

The Unlosing Ranger

Mighty Strike-Out Slugger
Yeah, mostly the indie bundles and such are what get everyone's collection to be big. A lot of the time, people want to buy a single game and it's cheaper to buy one of these bundles than buy the single game. It ends up kinda cluttering the library, really. I most notably had this happen with an IndieGala bundle. They had Deadly Premonition in a $5 tier, if I remember correctly. That game by itself costs $25, so I grabbed the bundle... don't even remember which other games were in the bundle, but I did get 100% in Deadly Premonition so it was totally worth it.


New Member
I think I have around 30-35 PC games. 22 of them are in my steam library and I play most of them whenever I come around to playing them and then I also have some other games like StarCraft 2, WarCraft 3, Age of Empires III, Drakensang, Company of Heroes and some other smaller games. I'm not quite sure about the exact number but it should be between 30-35 if I'm not mistaken.


Well over fifty--heh. Those Steam sales and game bundles really get me as they do everyone else.


New Member
If you're talking about the video games i own, i own thousands. I say thousands because i like playing MAME games, and as you know, there are thousands of roms. Only in NeoGeo roms i have more then 200. I'm really into retro gaming, so i collect all these classic games. I know people, mostly young people, find these games really outdated, but it's more for nostalgia then anything else that i play these games. They remind sme of the arcades i went to when i was a teenager.


New Member
I've probably had around or close to 50. I never had them all at the same time though because I usually just get games digitally and I have to keep deleting some to make space for new ones. I've most likely purchased about that amount although I've honestly never kept count.


New Member
I own too many for my own good.... 240+ on steam, 25+ ps2 games and 50 something dreamcast games just to name a FEW..


New Member
I'm not a hardcore gamer so I only have a handful, maybe around 15 or so. And I am a MOBA/MMORPG guy so I just download stuff. Pretty amazing to see some here with hundreds of games in their collection.


New Member
I currently only have 2 games on my computer. Once i finish a game, i dump it. I just don't see the point of wasting drive space on something i won't play anymore. I'm not a game collector.


New Member
When I was in my 'prime' at the height of my gaming, which would have been around the back end of the 90's and very early 00's, I know I had in excess of 40 discs. I couldn't say for sure if that actually topped 50. I can't remember now. I used to play all sorts of titles…

As it stands on my current machine (which isn't exactly brilliant – it was barely better than average three and a half years ago when I bought it) I've only got a couple of Steam games and around three/four discs gathering dust. It would be comfortably under 10, these days… Why? Well, other life commitments getting in the way and a good chunk of my meagre income going on domestic bills rather than me being the main reasons.
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