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PSVR headset shows only a static screen

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This is my first post here. I've been using my PS4 for a long time now and there is nothing wrong with my display for the PS4 itself on an ex-PC monitor. However, after happily using my PSVR for over a year, I turned on the headset to find that all that was showing was a static screen (no problems with the audio). I'm pretty sure this may have been caused by an update as, when I booted up the PS4, the screen wasn't showing up for a moment on the monitor itself. This seemed to correct itself after a while (odd!) but I haven't been able to use the PSVR since (2-3 weeks ago now). I can't imagine this has been caused by damage as my setup does not get moved and never receives any rough treatment, spillages etc. So far, I found a thread on Reddit that explores a few solutions such as switching the HDMI cable to 1.8 and upwards (and yet I still have the original cables that came with the box), removing and re-attaching the headset cable from the box (done this but no success) and adjusting the screen resolution (done this but still no success). Along the way, I discovered that I have the second version of the PSVR but it's a first-generation PS4. If anything, I figured the PS4 would need fixing first.

Does anyone have any suggestions? The very idea that I would have to pay the fee for fixing it is utterly ridiculous as the fee is more than the bargain price I received the PSVR for. I'd be better off selling the parts if there was a market for such a thing. If it doesn't get fixed then this is certainly the last PlayStation product I will ever buy because I can't believe the complete and total lack of support. The PlayStation forums don't seem to be responding at all and it's particularly galling because I only just a new PSVR game and motion controllers and was about to get them both installed before this happened.

Any help would be very gratefully received.
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