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PSN throttles uplink


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Sony and PSN need some stiffer competition like the rest of the businesses in the world. Maybe then they would worry about declining PS4+ subscriptions. The connection they offer service over is restricted at their whim and there is not one thing the consumer can do about it except endure the negative gaming experience.
Xbox anyone?


Sniper Kitten
Staff member
They do. It's called Xbox Live and Steam. Don't like their service, go to either of those. I've been using PSN since the PS3 days and I've never had slow connection or anything. It's probably your internet connection that's crappy. Also, this doesn't belong in Off Topic. It belongs in the Playstation subforum.


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Yet another reason to show what Sony thinks of their customers, you want to play on another platform, so sorry, ain't happening.
It's not because of Sony's "hate" towards "Cross Play." It says right there; Bungie is partnered with Sony. Destiny wouldn't have happened if it weren't for both Activision nor Sony. Right now, Destiny is theretically a Sony brand. If you allow crosss-platform play with Xbox, people would think it's a Xbox game. I know the article is talking about PS4/PC cross-play, but Sony wants to associate Destiny with PLAYSTATION. No one else.

The contract expires in September of THIS year, one of two things can happen: The contract can quietly die, or Sony renews the contract. There is a possiblity of Sony buying the brand straight up, if they want to keep exclusivity of "Destiny," forever.

This is why some of us are keeping an eagle's bird eye view of this whole thing, because Activision and Bungie split up. What does it all mean? So, next gen starts this E3, if any speculation is correct. We're going to see a new console reveal at E3 2019. And if it does happen, expect the exclusivity war to ramp up as we go along.

Destiny is in a very uncertain place right now. So, its up to Bungie to let the contract die, and allow Microsoft to scoop the IP up. Bungie needs money, so I doubt that they're just gonna go free agent.

As of right now, they're being funded by Sony's exclusivity clause. So, every major DLC release is exclusive to Sony and PlayStation. Kinda like how Call of Duty DLC's were exclusive to Microsoft and Xbox back when MW2 was hot.


Sniper Kitten
Staff member
Carlos. I'm hoping it stays that way :) I love Destiny (though haven't played much D2 lately. After I felt like I was getting nickeled and dimed by the season pass, I kinda started to lose interest. But I'll definitely be getting D3. I can't see Sony killing their golden goose. I'm sure they'll be renewing that contract with them. They had great momentum this console generation. They'd be fools to not keep pushing.

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