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PS5: Where's The Rest Of It?


Sony's PS5 controller leak sparked a lot of news lately, including rumors about what the rest of the console will look like. Is the design in danger? Will it look like the previous patent leaks? Or will it copy the Xbox X.

We still haven’t seen what the PlayStation 5 looks like and it’s starting to get a little ridiculous now. But according to a leak from tech insider Jeff Rickel, there’s a reason why Sony hasn't shown us the design of the console yet...and it’s because they don’t even know what it looks like themselves!

It turns out that the reason we haven’t seen the PS5 yet might have to do with some issues around the design of the console. According to this leak, the PS5 is having trouble maintaining clock speeds and is getting hot quickly, leading to overheating and sub optimal performance. Developers aren’t happy, since they can’t figure out what the console is capable of. Overheating issues mean that the console will get fried very quickly, a la Xbox 360, which is something we don’t need a repeat of. If this leak is legit, then Sony is facing an uphill battle to release the PS5 in 2020. Do they release the PS5 during the upcoming holiday season knowing fully well that the console could have a high failure rate or do they delay it anywhere between 6-12 month to a perfect console?

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