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PS5 shutting down automatically


New Member
Hi everyone. I'm new here.
Recently brought a ps5 nd decided to join.

So on day one I unpacked and setup my ps5 and started astro's play room.
While playing the ps5 shut down automatically while showing green screens.

On switching it on again it says software error occurred and needs reporting to sony.
But playing again causes the same issue. (The ps5 shut down).

Yes I have tried checking if all my connections are secure or not and all others I could find on Sony site).
It's not the TV screen's fault since it doesn't give any report of failure but the PS5 shuts down automatically.
I have linked a video of the same. In the video you can see that light is on and then after failure turns off.

Please help me out with this. I really love PS (owner of ps4 as well) and invested my hard earned money (I'm not rich) in this and after days of witing I got this.
you can understand the utter disappointment.



New Member
I had added miles morales to download and started astro's. But since the device shutdown I still have only astro's as a game on my ps5
But other than that the ps5 once shutdown while I was in the main menu also. Then I knew it was not a problem of the game. When the device shut down 3 times I decided to record it as evidence


Weird. Assuming you were able to do the latest firmware update... sounds like the fan is not engaging to keep it cool. Good luck to you!

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