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PS5 question regarding DLC/Addons and GB size Spiderman Remastered


New Member
Hello everybody,

I have 2 questions regarding my new ps5. I bought Spiderman Miles Morales Ultimate Edition so I could recieve the Spiderman Remastered edition as well. I did not recieve a code with this game so I bought on one Ebay. (The pre-order one with 2 suits and 3 extra skill points).) Now my first question is : Where in heavens name do you find the DLC/addons for a game? If I press Start (Options button) and click on "Manage Game Content" I only see Language data. USA is installed, and I can install an additional 3 languages. Nothing about the suits/skill points though. I've also checked in library and fickle around but I cannot find it ANYWHERE. So, does anybody know where you can find the location of that? I feel like it's bugged to be honest.

My second question is : When I click press Start (Options) on Spider Man Remastered and then go to "Information" it will say : "Download Status : 53.91 gb/55.27 gb" but nothing is downloading and there is nothing else installed for it. Sometimes I get a pop-up saying the game is done downloading and it will say at the dowwnload status "Completed" but then the next time I start the game again it will be 53.91 gb/55.27 gb again. I don't have screenshots or recordings for it because I turned it all off and deleted it already. So anybody know if this is normal and why is it happening?

Thanks in advance if anybody can answer this, Markus.

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