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PS5 buzzing & humming noise finally solved


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On the 19th February I would have had a PS5 fir 3 months and in that time the only issue that I've had is a humming a buzzing noise that's quite frankly driven my absolutely ******* crazy yo the point of despair. Sometimes depending how late I'm gaming so I don't disturb the wify because she's up at 5am every morning, she's a nurse, as I work mainly from home now as a Network Engineer I often sleep in the office/games/spare room and the buzzing PS5 has driven my nuts and last night I ejected the CD (which I know I shouldn't have because the PS5 OS is still really buggy and that means it will reinstall the game again and download the patches.

Well I noticed the humming had stopped, the fan was silent it was blissfully quiet. So it turned out the buzzing and vibrating noise was being caused by the media drive. My question is... why the heck is the CD spinning in Rest Mode when it should be turned off. So as a Software Enginer as well I thought this morning is this a firmware bug. Because once you place your console into a state of standby the optical media drive should stop reading the CD. But it continues to spin when it shouldn't be, as soon as I removed the CD the humming and buzzing stopped.

If other PS5 owner's could try this to see if they and replicate would be helpful to try and understand is this a forward bug which I actually think it is because there is no reason for the media drive to continue spinning the CD when the console is in Rest Mode. So after over 2 months it never occurred to me to remove the CD and this was the cause of the humming and buzzing noise because as soon as I removed the CD it stopped.


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I work from home mainly these days as we've all adapted to survive. As a Network Engineer I can't be on-site so I'm working remotely and via video conferencing with on-site engineers So my office is also my games room and also a spare room. Both my Next-Gen consoles are in here as well and at times so not to wake the wiffy I often sleep in the Spare Room/Office/Games Room if I am working or gaming late as she is up at 06:00 every morning shes a nurse and the fan running on the PS5 really does my head in. I decided to set USB to turn off after 3hrs as that's more than enough time to charge your headset. But surprisingly I noticed after 3hrs the fan is silent, the PSU is silent no buzzing, the Media drive isn't spinning. I was stunned for the first in nearly 3 months it's quiet as a mouse. So, give it a try if your PS5 is in the same room as you sleep, set the power settings to turn off USB after 3hrs and see what happens. 3 hours should be long enough to charge your headset however, it does depend on the make and model of your headset. You could charge your headset in an external source to charge your headset.
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