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PS5 Blue Light problem


New Member
Hello everyone!

I have a small problem! After long and fruitful career as a PC gamer I've decided to buy a PS5! I have to say I absolutely love the experience to the point that my PC is now stored under a bed.

Ive never had a console in my life so I would like to ask if this is normal - Every 20th or so start of the console I get the typical blue light and nothing happens, console doesn't start at all. Restarting or anything else doesn't help, at this state I can't even get to the safe start menu. The only thing that helps is power cycling the console.
This thing happens EVERY time there is a software update or, as I said, every 20 or so normal starts.

Ive tried factory reset, rebuilding database and full software install from a USB, nothing helped.

I don't know if this is quirk of a console or a major problem and therefor I should return it. My fear is that its very hard to replicate so I don't want to be without a console for a month just for the shop to reset software and send it back to me.

Any help for a console noob strongly appreciated!


Staff member
Yeee thought so, I'll bring it in today. thank you!
Call Sony, your system is on warranty. Go send it to Sony and get it fixed.

Returning it (to the store) and exchanging it for a new PS5 ain't gonna get it fixed entirely. Especially if THEY (Sony) doesn't know the issue.

You have to explain it to them.

You have free will, but I'm just saying.

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