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PS4Forum Random Chat Thread


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Welcome to the PS4Forum Random Chat Thread


Don't worry about de-railling this thread, as this is what it is there for. Any random musings or just a place to rant.




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I'm not a huge fan of donuts. It's the smell that really puts me off :(

... Now the smell of Subway's (as in the sandwich place)... Arghhhhhh :eek:


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Oh yeah,makes you hungry walking past those places.
I actually had a foot long Subway breakfast one the other day,first time I had Subway this year actually.
Herb Italian roll,double swiss cheese,egg,bacon and touch of salt/pepper. Simple but yummy.


Well-Known Member
The smell of donuts? I've never heard of that one before lol. My fiancée hates them too. I do not understand why. Pink Iced donuts are to die for!

And Subway is just awesome. I always order the same thing: Chicken Teriyaki on Italian Herbs and Cheese bread. Delicious.


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Yuck,pink iced? Eww..the only good donuts are the large yeast type chocolate donuts,YUM


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Nah,those cinnamon ones are crap too,boring...
As I said,the big fat yeast chocolate donuts are THE best by far.


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Hrmm, maybe that's why everytime I play a video game I want to go out and cause chaos!

On a serious note, it's just stupid. They seem to blame games as it's an easy target.


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Its always been like that,video games have been blamed often in the past when things like that happen.
Common games blamed were ofcourse Doom and Mortal Kombat.


New Member
Blaming video games, music, and TV have always been easy. Now there's a few cases when shooting happen because the shooter was inspired by a series, a game, or a band, but that's kind of rare. Usually the person will kill a bunch of people and in the aftermath it'll be found out that he loved to play Call of Duty while listening to Slayer and his favorite movies were Ms. 45, Driller Killer, and the Death Wish series (no shade on SpaceTiger that is, I know you love that band and like those films but they're violent as hell).
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