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PS4 won’t restart


New Member
I was watching amazon prime on my ps4 whven I lost picture. I still had sound. Unable to see, I wasn’t able to shut down properly. I held the power button until it shutdown. When I try to start the system now, I get the “checking the system storage status” message. Once that is done, I get the “cannot restart the PS4, connect controller with usb cable and press the PS button” message. When I do that, the controller lights up and then fades out. It will not restart. I’ve tried resetting the controller. I’ve removed the HDD, tried a restart, powered down, waited 20 mins, reinstalled the HDD and attempted a restart again. NOTHING. No matter what I try, it always comes back to the same “checking system” and “connect with USB” message with the same results. I’ve tried restarting in safe mode, but I get the same result. I’ve switched HDMI cables and tried another controller. Bad Hard Drive?

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