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PS4 vs. Xbox One - The Ultimate Showdown!!!


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I think PS4 is going to be way better than X-Box One. Even though I bought an X-box 360 I will more than likely not be getting the X-box One. I just think that the PS4 has more features and attractions than the X-box One.
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I'm still sitting firmly on the fence. It's silly, but part of my original reason for wanting the PS4 was KH3, but now that I know that's coming out on both platforms, I'm undecided. I really like the Kinect, and motion-gaming might still be a selling point for the Xbox One. On the other hand, paying for Xbox Live is no fun. Decisions, decisions...
Xbox One!

Lol. Just kidding.

Here's my completely unbiased, perfectly neutral, straight down the middle answer: PS 4!

I think the PS 4 would win on the gaming side while the Xbox One would take the multimedia side.
I think the answer is based more on preference then actual quality, they both are sorta similar in a broad point of view but when you actually think about it of them they are very unique. I would say both are pretty good but everyone has they're choice and there is a few who enjoy both.
Guys, the topic is quite relevant on PS4 forum because this war is raging outside among the gamer community. Personally, I vote for PS4 not because I'm a Playstation lover but for a lot of other reasons as well. Microsoft loves to engage the family and they are trying to make Xbox One into a multimedia device, just like a PC. You can do everything on your computer, including gaming!

That's my point here because we want to game, not just gaming too! Serious hardcore gamers love using a controller than a family-friendly Kinect sensor. Even though, it's all about preferences, I would say PS4 wins when it comes to appeasing us players more than the entire family. Obviously, PS Eye is also in the works and we can expect it to compete with motion gaming in the future but the modern days are still in beta. So, why not just go the tried and test way to play with controllers as we always do?

PS4 wins this time around from a gamer's perspective. They did plenty of errors with the PS3 but Sony seems to have learned their lesson. Besides being powerful under the hood, it's a console that I dream to own as soon as possible. :-)
These sorts of topics can easily start a insult/hate debate and to tell you the truth since this is a PS4 forum I would leave other consoles out altogether,off topic or not but since its this topic is started here already the PS4 wins easy,no contest at all.The Xbone doesnt have anything over the PS4 at all,and please dont say "game exclusives".
The only good xbox was the very first one.
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When the PS4 and Xbox One were heavily featured at E3, everyone thought that the PS4 had the clear advantage. Ever since them, Microsoft have been reverting all their policies, and now it looks more even than it ever has been. I still think the PS4 has an advantage though, for two reasons.

1. Sony have made their vision clear, while Xbox have had to backtrack on theirs.
2. Microsoft pulled out all the big guns (In terms of exclusive games) at E3, I have a feeling Sony never and are waiting until Gamescom to show the second part of their exclusive titles.

This is how I see it.
The Xbox One is making great choices so far, GPU overclock, self-publishing, compatibility with capture cards and current-gen headsets, and a lot more. The PS4 may be better in terms of attractions and specs, but I think the Xbox One has a chance at competing with the PS4 now. They're not far from their specs, their exclusives are better in my opinion, and may have some features that the PS4 may not have. It's hard to decide which one will win, but I bet it'll come down to stock.
I'm still sitting firmly on the fence. It's silly, but part of my original reason for wanting the PS4 was KH3, but now that I know that's coming out on both platforms, I'm undecided. I really like the Kinect, and motion-gaming might still be a selling point for the Xbox One. On the other hand, paying for Xbox Live is no fun. Decisions, decisions...

You have to pay for PSN this time around to play online. Netflix and things like that are not behind a paywall though.

As far as the consoles compare, I think for third party you really won't see much of a difference. It is first party stuff that stands out. Sony has the better hardware, no doubt about that and I think Kinect is not going anywhere. Sony's biggest attraction is the price. For $100 less I can essentially play most of the same games as the Xbox One, it comes with a headset and rechargeable batteries. Not to mention my Astro's will work with it.

Microsoft will not have a Halo until 2014. Sony might have backwards compatibility via streaming by then.
You have to pay for PSN this time around to play online.
PSN is free you mean PSN Plus yes...Mostly yes but dont forget 'free to play MP' games will be up to publishers but really I think almost everyone who plays online will have to get it.

Not to mention my Astro's will work with it.
These are wired correct? If so I dont believe anything has been mentioned whether or not wired headset work with PS4.
Xbox One Suffers System Malfunction At Comic-Con Numerous Times

gamethirst.com said:
Could this be Red Ring of Death part 2?

Most likely not, but Microsoft had to shut down all Xbox One systems a couple times at Comic-Con, reps at the show told SKNR.

According to the site, While most of the crashes were minor, for a good part of Saturday morning, Xbox One demo systems were powered down and replaced with a panel instead while MS tech investigated the problems.

But the interesting point here is now news about the console crashing numerous times at E3 has been unearthed by Pallab Chatterjee of Media and Entertainment Technologies. According to Pallab, during numerous attempted meetings at E3 the system crashed repeatedly, thus explaining why the one-on-one meetings were ended. Pallab also revealed to SKNR that that they had 6 to 7 attempts at meetings and each time the hardware was unable to be stable enough to complete the demonstration and that the issues seem to remain at Comic Con, as this had been an ongoing problem over the weekend.

Even Sony Comic-Con booth people confirmed the Xbox One crashes with much glee, added SKNR.

It’s a bit troubling that Xbox One has been failing so many times at these gaming events but the media has made no mention of it. But more troubling, to me at least, is the fact the system’s already seeing these issues. And one may argue that the console isn’t out on the market yet and we shouldn’t worry, but with Microsoft’s poor track record on hardware, where millions of Xbox 360 systems died through RRoD, this is very disconcerting.

I'm interested in the multimedia side, when all is said and done though, I'm buying a next generation gaming console to play games on. I've posted it in another thread that although the hardware will be similar there's no real way to know how that power will be put down. I think it's very similar to cars, a car with a smaller engine can be faster than a car with a bigger engine simply because its a better design and it uses that power more effectively.

Microsoft backtracking is good in the long run because they are getting rid of the terrible plans they had, its still worrying that they had those ideas to begin with. Whoever came up with the idea that you had to activate your console every 24 hours on the internet needs to be shown the door!
Both of them are very much on and off at the moment. Both have some good ideas, and both have some terrible ideas. The release period will be the big test, currently they're just exchanging threats and flashy technology, but what will really win this console war is what the consoles will actually be like. What will the games be likes? Which console will have better exclusives? More reliable hardware? Better online experience? The list goes on, and I think that now is way too early to say who is winning anything here.

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