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PS4 Update 1.75 coming next week - 3D Blu-Ray support!


New Member
A lot of people have been complaining that the PS3 had it, and were mad that the PS4 didn't, so I guess its good.

IMO 3D is a gimmick that needs to die.


New Member
I couldn't care less really.
I already have a 3d bluray player and a 3d tv, but I did not watch a single 3d movie up to now... so yeah no big difference for me.
I prefer they improve the messed up UI and add customization.


New Member
I like 3D. I'm aware I'm in the minority. So cool, I'm sure I'll use this once in awhile.

More importantly this means games that use 3D is possible (I think). So any game that wanted to incorporate that easily could.


New Member
It's a gimmick, but it's a kinda fun gimmick. As long as the movie is a popcorn thriller and not a drama, I can enjoy it. Gravity and Pacific Rim were fantastic in 3D, but I wouldn't want to watch a film like The Godfather or 2001 in 3D.

Also, double glasses is annoying. Too bad it can't be like my 3DS (which I hardly ever use the 3D function on anymore).


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Dont get me wrong,I like 3D too,but in movies,not in games.Avatar and Prometheus and prime examples of 3D done well.
And as I said,on PS4 it doesnt bother me as I use a dedicated blu ray player anyway preferring to use my PS4 for games only.


New Member
MS should have announced their update earlier so we didn't have to do that 1.74 update this week and jump straight to 1.75 lol. Anyway, I don't have anything in 3D so not excited for it. However, people have been asking for it so it's long due. For me, I just want that one feature and that is to pause/resume downloads.


New Member
I am so beyond excited about this!!! You have no idea because I felt the lack of certain functions like Blu-Ray support on PS4 was a downfall for the console. I read this article a few days ago and told my boyfriend. He was happy as well. I always had hope for PS4 and knew eventually they would come around and get the hint us consumers have been dropping for quite some time. I always wondered why they neglected to have this function in the first place. Sighs, better late than never I suppose.
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