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PS4 slim


New Member
I have a ps4 slim on my 4k hdr tv and some of the black colors and shadows in the games look grayish and dull and light reflections on people and objects look shaky and runny, any way to fix this in the tv menu? also in HDR do I chose 60hz+hdr, 60? or 30hz? i'm trying to get the best results for my games. in the ps4 settings sound and screen I was told to change the RGB to full but auto is recommended... can Ia change it to full? would that cause any damage to the console or TV?


Staff member
It's your TV, we had a similar issue. I told another user this (his TV is a Phillips TV)... I'm not sure what your TV model number is, or what brand it is, but here's Phillips'.

1. Press the Menu button on the remote.
2. Choose Setup.
3. Navigate to TV Settings.
4. Choose Installation.
5. Select Preferences.
6. Select HDMI mode.
7. Choose the HDMI port your Xbox One X is connected to.
8. Switch to Normal from Legacy.

If you want other ideas here's a google search.

If I knew the model make or brand, I could help you more. Because 4K TV's have many different styles. OLED, QLED, LCD, etc. That may be part of the reason why the image quality is not where you want it to be.


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Thank you! yes mine is Philips UHD 4k TV and my PS4 Slim only goes to 1080p only, is it still ok to use on a 4K TV? I want the best picture quality and I know 4K goes farther than 1080P but is it still ok?


Staff member
Thank you! yes mine is Philips UHD 4k TV and my PS4 Slim only goes to 1080p only, is it still ok to use on a 4K TV? I want the best picture quality and I know 4K goes farther than 1080P but is it still ok?
Although slims goes up to 1080p, it's fine to play on 4k. You just won't get the 4k experience. PS4 Pro does it better, but still checkerboarding.

If you want true 4k graphics, you'll have to wait for PS5.
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