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PS4 Question

Can you delete you notifications for example i have loads of notifications saying your friend has joined a party & you've earned a trophy & you have received a friends request i've accepted the friends requests i just want to delete the old notifications on my PS4


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Unfortunately, there is no way to do this. Once they pop up, they stay.

Can you not go to your notifications, be on the notification you want to delete and press the options button then hit delete?


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Can you not go to your notifications, be on the notification you want to delete and press the options button then hit delete?

I'm not totally sure, but I read around beforehand and saw nobody could delete them.


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you can delete them. i just did for checking
I think you are mistaken.
I just checked too and you cannot delete them.
You can delete some others in the whole list,under Notificatons for eg,like downloads,pressing options there gives you the option to delete but the actual Notifications with the little 'I' bubble icon if you click in there and then select any there is no way to delete,pressing options button do delete like in other sections does not bring up the delete option.You only have X for enter and O for back.


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As of now, no. Maybe that's something they mentioned in the 2.0 update. It's coming out on the 28th.
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