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Ps4 Psn Issues


New Member
Not sure if I posted in the right section or not but here goes. Has anyone else had issues making purchases with credit/debit cards or Paypal on Psn? I can't buy games all of the sudden with either method. Sony says I have to wait 24-48 hrs before trying again. They told me to buy a Psn pre paid card in the meantime. With no other solution. I've called my bank and they said every thing is good on there end. PayPal has no issues. They say is sonys problem but Sony says it's the card. But it's the same card I've used for the last seven years. With no issues. Sorry for the novel.


I bet it's a problem with the Sony's network. I suggest you to wait untill they fix it.

Check this site and you will see that you're not the only one with that trouble with your card.


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Yesterday I bought Kombat Pack 2 for MK X via paypal and after I clicked purchase a message popped up 'an error occured'.
Went back and the item was still in cart but not purchased.Checked paypal and payment made,obviously I didnt want to purchase twice incase there was a problem.
I tried again and this time it went through no problems.

btw: Alien character is cool...not as cool as the Predator though :grin


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It seems Sony still chooses to fail it's customers. Not only is the network unreliable, but now purchases and other functions are too. I am seriously considering of going to the opposition.


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Yeah I had to buy a Psn card so I could get the kombat pack 2. I just don't know what's up with Sony lately. I love there products but the ps4 is lacking some features and there customer service is bad at times. I been a loyal customer for years with no major issues in till this credit/debit card PayPal thing. I just don't know what happen. It sucks other people have this problem to but I am glad it's not just me.
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