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PS4: PSN experiencing issues at launch


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If you were one of the lucky first people in North America to stand in line at midnight to grab yourself a crispy new Playstation 4, came home and set everything up and are ready to go online only to find you're not able to log into the PSN or having a hard time staying connected - you're not alone.

We probably saw this coming, but the Playstation Network at this time is experiencing technical difficulties following the launch of the Playstation 4.

In case you weren't aware, as soon as you connect your PS4 to the internet you will be prompted to download a day one update for your console. With thousands of gamers trying to connect and download the update at the same time, it's understandable that the PSN is experiencing some technical difficulties.

Sony has asked for gamers to be patient while it attempts to combat the issue stating:

“The PlayStation Network is currently experiencing extremely high volume, some gamers may experience some difficulty connecting. We ask for your patience.”

So how about you fine folks who were able to bring home a PS4? Have you been experiencing difficulties? Let us know below!

Source: http://au.ign.com/wikis/playstation-4/PS4_Problems


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Its gotta suck real bad for some people to have pre-ordered and waited and have this happen to them. I'm having psn issues myself. By me their are lines of people in sleeping bags awaiting for the store to open. Thats even worse for them to sit out in the cold all night and get a faulty system. Hopefully its isolated. No one wants the 360 fasico happening all over again.


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yea, no psn access either. the good news is there were probably 30 of us standing in line that had not preordered from best buy. we all walked away with consoles.


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I really wasn't surprised to hear that because it happens all the time with online features. The servers always get clogged with people trying to log in for whatever reason and slowing them down and sometimes crashing them. And with the free trial of PS Plus, I can understand why people were having issues.


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I had problems getting onto PSN yesterday. It was kind of a pain since I thought it was my wifi and broke out that nothing happening LAN. At any rate, it all worked itself out since I watched Twitch.

...I loves some Twitch.


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Who doesn't love Twitch? I prefer the broadcasters with less viewers (300 or less) as they tend to be more responsive during gameplay. It seems as though the more people they get the less they interact with viewers and followers. Well Towelie does when playing WoW, but I get tired of watching WoW.


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I'm having the same problem, but mine still doesn't work. I've checked my wifi and everything, still not working. I called the customer service line but they were of no help, they said that they are currently experiencing problems. It really sucks though because I was pretty excited to play online. Hope they get everything figured out soon.

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Unsurprising. This is why I always thought the Xbone's original "always-on" DRM would have meant the death of the system, too. Microsoft's servers couldn't even handle people wanting to read the article on the "Xbox 180".

I don't know how well Sony prepared PSN for the launch or not, but I kinda feel they might have underestimated the amount of people that would log-in at the same time.


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Yeah, as soon as it's announced that there will be free whatever on a service things get flooded and bogged down...plus everyone really loves their online multiplayer. Sony definitely underestimated this.


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I think we all thought that this would happen and honestly because Sony was so upfront about possible server issues, it's pretty great how patient PS4 owners are being about the issues. But Sony seems to be pretty on top of the situation and taking care of everything so hopefully they'll have the issue solved by the end of the week. Though we'll see what happens if they don't.


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Their servers probably weren't prepared for the traffic.
As long as they fix it quickly and everyone gets their things back, it shouldn't matter too much.


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The good thing is that Sony isn't trying to patch the roof with duct tape when it comes to the PSN problems. Players would rage even more if they put out a temporary, barely functional solution as opposed to take their time and really try to fix it--and learn from it for the international release.


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That's true, but as others have said the North American release is basically testing to see what's what. Surely they're learning from PSN not working and it'll be ready or at least more functional at times than in the N.A launch.


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I think players are more understanding because Sony said this would happen. My friend used a USB to install is update because Sony was concerned about the number of PS4 owners who would try to download digitally and that was awesome. It's to bad Microsoft isn't even considering the option because it worked out great for Sony and made the burden on the servers a lot less than they would have been. Once the servers are smooth again, which should be soon, then it should be all good for the PS4.


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I'm sure Microsoft have considered it and are watching Sony's situation very closely...they just haven't announced a precaution or alternative method of installing their update yet. They still have three days so something could be said between now and launch.


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Oh Microsoft are watching. Maybe they think they have a good safeguard in place for this. Given that they're launching in several countries instead of two they might have their plates full should online decide to drag ass and not work.

The Unlosing Ranger

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I'm sure Microsoft have considered it and are watching Sony's situation very closely...they just haven't announced a precaution or alternative method of installing their update yet. They still have three days so something could be said between now and launch.

I was thinking the same thing, but I'm starting to think Microsoft are stupid enough to not allow people to download updates early so I guess X1 players will get to enjoy dead servers at launch too! Particularly fun because, from what I've heard, X1 won't even play any games without being updated.


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Except that Microsoft still hasn't announced any update alternatives and the launch is tonight. It's ridiculous that they seem to still be going with the sad day if you don't have an internet connection method. I mean remember when Don Matrick said that if you don't have reliable internet the console for you is the Xbox 360. Add to that the fact that I think Unlosing Ranger is right that the Xbox One doesn't play games unless you update and that the update isn't going to be included on game discs (something that Sony is doing) makes me really angry for Xbox fans.
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